Introduction to sports betting (Beginner’s Guide)

Sports Betting at a Glance

Sports betting can be an incredibly fun thing to do in your spare time with all kinds of different sports markets offered by bookies. These sports range from football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and rugby. That list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but if we went through them all, we’d be here for a long time! Within these different sports, there are many game-specific options which we’ll get into below for all kinds of different sports. Sports bookmakers aren’t hard to come across and are available all over the world through services such as W88.


Football, or if you’re American, Soccer is one of the world’s most-watched and beloved sports, millions of people tune into the Premier League every week and play Sunday league games with their friends. As a result of this, there are plenty of betting markets available to people. 

The most basic available to you is the option of betting on the outcome of a match. You can bet on a team to win, draw, or lose. More advanced betting options include betting on specific goalscorers, match handicaps, and over/under goal amounts. You can often combine multiple of these together to make an accumulator for better payouts and higher odds!

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is a great spectator sport, especially if you can get out to the races on a race day! If not, then you can watch from the comfort of your home on most races. Horse Races tend to be quite easy to bet on as you just bet on which horse you believe will cross that finish line first. You can do some research on past races or just follow your gut. It’s up to you.


Basketball is similar to Football/Soccer in that you can choose to put your money on one side to win, or you can bet on how many baskets a certain player is going to make. Since Basketball is such a high scoring sport, you can also hedge your bets on specific score groupings too.


You may have heard Baseball called “America’s favorite pastime” well, you can bet on it! You can bet on what players you think will make certain bases, how many homes runs there will be, and of course, which side you feel is gonna win!


It can be fun to watch two people beat each other senseless, but did you also know you can make money from it too!? Bet on which fighter you think will win. Whether or not it’s going to be a KO or on points, which round it will be in etc


There are clearly many different sports you can bet on in a mind-blowing amount of ways. think you know who’s gonna win or how they’re gonna do it? Sports betting gives you this freedom to try and beat the bookies and take home those sweet, sweet returns for doing so! Most sports betting apps and websites are very easy to follow and have simple to follow guides if you get confused.

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