How Online Themed Slots Are Changing In 2022

Themed slots are again gaining their prime spot in the gambling sector with the latest trends. Find the latest trends of 2022 in this game.

Themed slots, especially those with top movies or tv shows, always catered to a specific section of gamblers. With the introduction of the online casino industry, the themed slots slowly started to go online. During the early 2000s, the themed slots lost their preferences among players. These games became synonymous with recreation gaming.

But, the scenario is changing slowly from 2015. With new themes and innovative graphics, themed slots based on movies, TV shows, and even popular video games resurface. On top of that, even the expert casino players also lauded these themed slot games.

The modern online slots, especially themed ones, come with better RTP rates, multiple pay lines, and different jackpots to thrill the players. In 2022, the themed slot sector will continue with some new and ongoing trends. If you are interested to know about the trends, here is a sneak peek for you-

Animal and Candy based Slots

It is quite an old trend that will continue to be in its prime spot. With the introduction of animal and candy-based android games and their popularity, casinos followed suit. Animal and candy or jewel-themed slots, incredibly progressive slots, will continue to be a fan favorite among the players. Most of the game developers have already released animal slots or candy slots before and are planning to release newer games in 2022.

Slots based on Video Games

It may seem a little bit complex, but game developers are trying to combine the best of two different worlds on video game-based online slots. Such slots often come with a storyline similar to the original video game plot. Moreover, the themed slots also use images of objects present in the video games. Hence, gamers familiar with the games can easily play these online slots.

Games based on Resident Evil, Hitman, Lara Croft are well-known among gamblers. The latest addition in this line is the slots based on Call of Duty and other Battle Royale games.

Horror-themed Slots

 In 2022, horror will become a top theme for online game slot variations. You can expect slot games with zombies, vampires, weapons, blood, and gore- ideal for any horror lover. In 2021 Halloween, the horror-themed slots are already gaining popularity. These slots will continue to be a favorite among gamblers.

Slots based on Popular Web Shows or TV Shows will Become the Top Searched Games

In recent years, the entertainment sector became abuzz with the introduction of some magnificent TV shows and web series. Due to their vast popularity, the themed slots based on popular TV shows are being raved by gamblers. More game developers follow suit after introducing Themed slots based on Game of Thrones and Family Guy. In 2022, you will find many slots that depict your favorite TV show character.


The themed slot sector is slowly changing with new themes and storylines. With more people moving towards online casinos, the game developers create familiar slot games, attracting more people from different audience sectors.

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