How Gambling is Responsible for Financial Crisis in the US Region

Gambling is one of the favourite games in the USA. You may be a wonder to hear that there is a separate chapter about gambling in their textbooks. Not actually gambling, the chapter’s name is Probability. Not in the USA only but also in various countries like London, India has this chapter in their education system. Every person thinks about earning money while studying or earning money more than they are incoming once in his lifetime. If you are going to study the system of both legalized and illegalized gambling then effects on the financial or economical of a country always come first. Without assuring about the economic improvement no country will allow to run a casino or gambling game.

Beginning of Gambling in the USA:

There is a rumor that gambling in the USA came from the British Empire. This colony started a lottery about gambling. But after some time, the motive for the lottery gets unsuccessful. So due to huge losses, they decided to stop the lottery at once by passing an order from the British Empire.

American had started the same way after the failure of the British Empire. But in this case, they got success. They made a step to revolution by continuing the lottery gambling. They successfully made and established a high economic revolution without wasting too much effort and money. The western part of the USA used this gambling system to make them popular among all. In the 19th century, California had started gambling games in casinos. As usual, the lottery system started corruption day by day and this is why the USA decided to stop gambling and made it illegal. Only Nevada got permission to run casinos and gambling games legally. This was the first step to make the USA a gamble-based country.

Benefit in Economy:

Two main benefits are there if we think according to economic evaluation. One is that so many foreign investors invest their money in casinos and casino games. There are some national investors also to encourage the economy. Another benefit is a lot of tax money is collected from casinos. Apart from this, a casino possesses hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, pubs, machine operators. So there is a need for workers. So according to this point of view casinos and gambling games reduce unemployment.

Not only in the USA, but each and every country of the earth also have casinos on their own. I hope I make it clear to you about the benefits of gambling in the economical field.

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