Common Betting Types In Sports Betting

In this blog, you will find the common gambling styles of betting styles found in the SAGaming virtual casino sports betting section.

Are you looking for a change? Do you want to enjoy a wholesome and thrilling experience? Then sports betting can be a breather for you. It is different from regular casino games and offers you enough scopes to earth some rewards.

With the new age of SAGaming online gambling websites, sports betting is now easily accessible to anyone. Now you do not have to go to the game venue to place your bets. The online sites offer enough scopes where you can place your bets on your favorite player, the most anticipated tournament, etc., of the world and earn your prize.

If you want to try your hands at SAGaming sports betting, knowing the betting style matters. Here is the detailed information on the betting styles:

In most games, the water line describes the amount of risk a punter can take to win their bet.

Straight Wager Lines

The straight wager line is one of the most used sports betting tyle. Here are its variations:

  • Point Spreads – In this case, the punter places the bet in two plating teams on the number of goals, scores, or runs. In this case, the favorite team is indicated with the minus sign, and the underdog team is indicated with the plus sign. If your prediction is right, you win your game.
  • Half Time – In this case, you place your bet or wager on teeth first or second half of the game. It is similar to the previous ones but is only valid for the chosen half.
  • Over/Under Bets – In this game, you bet on the range of scores or goals or runs of the teams. You decide a certain number and bet that the scores will be either more or less than this number. If you predict well, you win.

Money Lines

Money lines are one of the easier bets. It is similar to the Point Spreads.


Teasers are commonly used in sports like basketball and football. The betting system comes with one wager with two or more predictions, and you can easily adjust the point spread as per your choices. So, even if a prediction is wrong or there is one loss, you lose the whole bet. In case three is a two-team tease, and the game becomes a tie, you get your bet refunded.


Parlays are a type of single bet used in sports gaming. In this betting style, you can link a minimum of two to a maximum of 15 individual plays at once. You can also use another combination of betting styles among the players. If you want to win, the pair of small bets you place should also be right.

Many SAGaming websites offer you a code for betting on your favorite sports. Online betting is controlled by the software that makes the whole game unbiased. You properly enjoy the whole session without any regrets.

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