A Few Need to Know Terms of Blackjack

Though blackjack is very easy to learn, we still need to learn some of the very important key terms of this game so that we could play and understand the game very easily. In this article, we would get to know some of such key terms which are very important before learning blackjack.


This term is used when the player, who has kept his chips for betting but all of sudden wants to leave the game due to any reason. In such a condition, the player has to lose half of the bet he had kept to gamble.


This is simply a device that holds the deck when the deck is not in use or to keep the leftover cards from the deck.


Blackjack is the game where the player has to get the highest score below 21. When the score of the player crosses the limit of 21, the player is said to be busted and gets out of the game. This is known as busting.


At the starting of the blackjack game, each player is given two cards initially. When the sum of the value is not as per the expectation of the player, he can ask more than one card from the dealer. To ask the card from the dealer, he uses the term ‘Hit’.


Now when the players get satisfied with his score and do not want to take any more cards from the dealer, he uses the term ‘Stand’. After listening to this, the dealer stops giving him any more cards.

Hard hands

Busting is the process in which the score of players gets more than twenty-one after taking one card. Such a set of cards that get busted after adding any single card are known as hard hands.

Hole cards

While distributing cards to everyone, the dealer takes one card for himself which he does not open. This face-down card is known as the hole card.


The cards of the dealer, which he keeps open for everyone is known as the upcard.

These were just the basic words that you need to know to start learning blackjack. If you want to be the master of the game, you need to know more about such terms and practice this game a lot. If you could do so, sure you would be the master of this game.

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